we care

Only by changing together, through collective action, we can preserve this planet that we call our home.
That’s why we want to share some of the responsibilities we are taking at limehome:

environmental  social  governance

green limehomes

One of our biggest levers for sustainability lies in the energy that powers our properties. All of our limehomes are powered by 100% renewable energy produced from clean, natural resources like wind, solar & hydro that we retrieve directly from our green energy providers. That way we can light up our apartments emission-free and our beloved planet can stay as green as our power production.

suite dreams…

eco-friendly cleanliness

A huge environmental impact on the hotel industry stems from the water, energy & chemicals consumption as a result of daily cleanings. During your stay we encourage you to request daily cleans only when necessary. This way we can reduce water consumption by more than 50% and at the same time decrease the amount of chemicals and energy used in cleaning tremendously.

Who knew keeping your towel on the rack could be so powerful?

what our directors say

Growing your company is all about priorities. When you’re convinced of the importance of a topic, you have to elevate it in decision-making above the short-term financial focus. The environment and our social impact are such priorities for us: Our ambition is to be a pioneer in the hospitality industry not just for our technological innovation but also for the way we “practice sustainability”.

Looking at the way preferences of consumers, employees and investors are changing towards favouring sustainable companies, investing in both environmental and social efforts is highly beneficial to our business too.

Josef & Cesar
Managing Directors of limehome

our sustainable in-room products

A regular hotel stay generates plenty of single-use plastic – a limehome stay does not! Our suite guest experience also includes not having to worry about unnecessary consumption of non-sustainable products. Here’s how we enable sustainable living:


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Single-use cosmetic samples still play a major role in the hotel industry. That’s why our limehomes are equipped with special dispensers that are meant to last longer and even more importantly can be refilled. Hereby we are able to keep both you and our planet sustainably clean.


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One-way consumables are producing an enormous amount of non-essential waste. That’s why our in-room promotion material is provided mostly digital and can be recycled, whereas unnecessary use of plastic is prevented.


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One of our beloved amenities for you is providing a coffee machine in our apartments. Your daily morning routine in our limehomes is organic and even CO2 neutral. Using MY CUPS compostable capsules you can relax and enjoy your coffee. What better way to get powered up in the morning and stay sustainable right?


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With having a fully equipped kitchen in your limehome comes the natural desire to go grocery shopping. Instead of buying a typical oneway bag, we provide you with one of our suite jute bags. Made out of 100% premium cotton, you’re able to shop waste-free and can even benefit from it in your own home. Your perfect travel buddy!


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Sustainability also affects the way we produce our suite welcome goodies. Both our packaging & used materials are protecting the environment from getting trashed. That’s why we use special cardboard and 100% rice paper for our packaging as well as sustainable materials like bamboo in order to keep everything neat and clean.


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Our suite smile supply offers a great start to your day. The provided 2-in-1 mug fulfils two opportunities at once. It can either make your smile even brighter by using it as a dental mug with our bamboo brush or it can help you smile again after having your first coffee of the day. Either way, you’re saving unnecessary trash from being wasted.

CO2 construction savings

The buildings construction industry contributes 10% to total global energy-related CO₂ emissions.* That’s why we have decided to take on complex conversion projects, rather than having a sole focus on building new developments. This approach pays off in two ways: A less heavy toll on the environment as well as unique & interesting locations.

That way we are able to contribute to the “liveliness” of city centres and go even beyond the environmental aspect by avoiding empty buildings and fostering local demand through every customer we accommodate.

A few examples are our lovely apartments in Erfurt that regenerate a former heating plant into a limehome, the beautiful train station in Rottenburg, combining both modern and ancient architecture or our gorgeous renovation of a historic hotel in Baden-Baden. Have a look at these beautiful limehomes & convince yourself:

we win as #oneteam

At limehome, it is important that the efforts around sustainability do not stop at our own doors, but extend to every employee and our interaction with the planet. That’s why we also set ourselves some goals in order to win as #oneteam:

We try to travel by rail, rather than air! When it comes to our internal IT, we often reuse and repair over rebuying. Our partnership with renewable energy providers extends even to our own environment and keeps us warm through fully eco-friendly energy in the office. Lastly, we are reducing daily commutes through our offer of fully remote and hybrid working models, enabling our team to work from home completely or partially. 

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