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Are you seeking options for repurposing vacant or underutilized commercial space? Office conversions with limehome offer an innovative solution for vacant or unused commercial space, even in the midst of an ever-changing real estate market. Across many European cities, a transformative shift is underway in the real estate landscape. The decline of retail dominance in urban cores and the evolving demands of hybrid work models have led to a reevaluation of office space. In order to increase their attractiveness, buildings – particularly those that do not meet ESG parameters – will have to undergo redevelopment works and, in some cases, conversion of use. As properties seek revitalization and the demand for flexible living solutions grows, the concept of office conversions into serviced apartments has emerged as a compelling solution.

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limehome emerges as a flexible partner for office conversions, providing tailored solutions for transforming office properties into modern design apartments. Collaborating with property owners, developers, and various project partners, we revitalize vacant or underutilized commercial space. As a leading player in the serviced apartment sector, we have extensive experience and expertise in office conversion projects. Around half of our apartment portfolio comprises the adaptive reuse of existing spaces. 

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Are all areas suitable for a conversion? The requirements for converting office spaces vary significantly depending on the property. Each building and project present unique circumstances, requiring a bespoke approach. We offer tailored advice and evaluations, considering the specific characteristics of each project in collaboration with our partners. 

Fundamentally, two factors stand out as pivotal for an effective reconversion: 

  • Natural light:
    The presence, amount and distribution of natural light in the rooms are crucial considerations. Addressing the challenge of limited windows, often prevalent in erstwhile office spaces, becomes imperative during conversion projects.


  • En-suite bathrooms
    Equipping spaces with wet rooms is indispensable for transforming them into serviced apartments. Certain room configurations may demand extensive installations of heating and water pipes. A comprehensive check of the heating and water systems is therefore an essential part of advance planning. 

In addition, obtaining specific approvals are often required when converting office spaces into alternative uses. This involves the submission of a building application, in which various fire protection requirements aspects such as corridor widths and lighting areas in accordance with ISO standards must be taken into account. Ultimately, the decision on approval rests with the building authority, which ensures compliance with all necessary safety standards and building regulations. This process can be time-consuming and complex, as regulatory requirements may vary depending on the location and nature of the intended conversion.

We provide comprehensive support for efficiently converting office spaces into commercial residential units by deploying our in-house architect and planning team. limehome offers project partners effective assistance and specialized expertise throughout the conversion process, from initial planning to final execution. Get in touch with us!

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One common inquiry pertains to the suitability of different areas for conversion. Once the fundamental requisites like adequate lighting and wet rooms have been defined and can be met, budget availability emerges as a determining factor.

  • The actual costs of the conversion vary greatly depending on the space in question. 
  • As a guideline, however, we usually give a range of €500/m2 to €3000/m2, depending on the location and scope of the conversion. 

From the property owner’s perspective, emphasis is placed on the
viability of utilizationThis is where we can be part of the solution: Our streamlined cost structure and extensive project experience present appealing tenant options. At limehome, we also consider category C cities (with under 500,000 inhabitants, e.g. Maastricht, Bologna or Bilbao) and D cities (with under 300,000 inhabitants, e.g. Catania, Cádiz or Trier): Cities where conversions are very important for the local economic structure. Our digital approach facilitates highly efficient space management. Serviced apartments often present a superior alternative to traditional hotels, which are characterized by high overheads and extensive communal space requirements. Consequently, we offer our partners a hassle-free and efficient entry into the hospitality asset class, validated by our industry-leading occupancy rates.

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We already have extensive experience in the conversion of spaces throughout Europe. 

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In the current market milieu, the adaptive reuse of office spaces for accommodation presents valuable opportunities for all stakeholders involved. Discover how limehome can transform your properties into lucrative assets in the hospitality sector. Partner with us to unlock the potential of office spaces and stay ahead in today’s dynamic real estate market. Get in touch with your regional contact today!

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